4th Annual Merck Safety Summit features ASSIST

21 06 2012

Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST) joined the 4th Annual Merck Safety Summit, held June 1 at the Marriott Hotel in Pasay City, Philippines, along with representatives from private companies, hospitals, academia, governmental agencies and NGOs.

The event summoned more than 500 participants in order to raise awareness towards the importance of safe handling of chemical waste and, in a broader context, of waste management.

It featured several Plenary Sessions led by distinguished experts in this field, such as Dr. Ulrich Billerbeck, Director and Safety Engineer from Merck Germany, who opened the session with a keynote speech on “Waste Management with Safe Handling of Chemicals”.

Other speakers include Dr. Rosalinda Torres, from the Industrial Technology Development Institute, Ms. Valeriana G. Reyes from the World Safety Organization and Mr. Ariel Entico, from Envirocare, who provided insights into their experiences and expertise.
ASSIST Managing Director Sreenivas Narayanan delivered a presentation on ASSIST’s toolkit on Responsible Production (RP) and elaborated on the RP Framework Model, thereby helping disseminate UNEP’s RP Approach to industries, local authorities, technical institutions, trainers and the academe.

The Summit also featured several booths, designed as venues of exchange for key stakeholders and experts in the field of waste management. As one of the organizations granted this honor, ASSIST used the designated space to introduce the attendees into its PRE-SME and RP Toolkits.#