ASSIST kicks off UPSCALE Morocco with multi-stakeholder dialogues

12 10 2012

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Project UPscaling Sustainability, Competence and Leadership in Energy Excellence (UPSCALE Morocco), co-implemented by DQS UL and Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST) was launched with a series of multi-stakeholder dialogues last September 7 and 11 in Rabat, Morocco.

The initiative aims to promote energy efficiency among energy-intensive industries in Morocco. The project features awareness-raising among various stakeholders, policy dialogue, best practices sharing, development of energy consumption standards for energy-intensive industries, training programs on energy management, and creation of a local pool of energy efficiency champions through the introduction of certification programs.

Recognized as the fifth largest economy in Africa, Morocco is also the largest energy importer in North Africa, with 97% of energy supply coming from outside sources. Hence, the expected expansion of the economy would exacerbate the risks to the country’s energy security situation.

The event was attended by representatives of consultancy firms, enterprises, associations, public institutions and universities.

Special guests include Mr. Said Mouline, president of Sustainable Development Commission at the General Confederation of the Moroccan Companies (CGEM) and Director of ADEREE; Mr. Ryad Mezzour, Vice President of CGEM; Mrs. Hanan Hanzaz, Director of Morocco Cleaner Production Centre (CMPP) and Mr. Belgacem Raoudi, Director of DQS Morocco.

Mr. Ahmed Bouzid, Head of Energy Efficient Division, ADEREE talked about the current energy efficiency practices and scenario in the industrial sector while Energy Expert Mr. Abdellatif Touzani presented his views on ISO 50001 standard.

Mr. Bouzid talked about Morocco’s structured strategy for economic development especially related to energy efficiency. A detailed view of the project pilot initiative to introduce ISO 50001 Energy Management System to the industries in the country was then discussed by Mr. Manwah Ayassor, Project Manager at CMPP.

A partnership was signed between CMPP and the Association of Quality and Management (AQM). The event ended with a call for participants to share their views and expectations for the project.

Following the dialogues, awareness training sessions will be conducted focusing on energy efficiency standards and practices in three locations to build capacity of the SMEs.#




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