ASSIST goes to Bangkok for UNEP Expert Workshop on APELL and Responsible Production

19 03 2012

Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST) is among the participants of the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) Expert Workshop on Awareness and Preparedness for Emergencies at Local Level (APELL) and Responsible Production held in Bangkok, Thailand last February 29 to March 2, 2012.

Earthquakes, typhoons and other emergencies highlight the need for APELL.

The event served to raise awareness among public and private sectors in Thailand on the effectiveness of the APELL approach for improving local level preparedness to industrial and natural hazards and to build capacity of experts from both the government and the private sector in Thailand to carry out training activities that will adress capacity building needs of industrial SMEs.

Around 60 practitioners from government agencies, industry associations, chemical industries, including SMEs, academia, consultants and individual experts attended the event.

Through the event, UNEP hoped to (1) build participants understanding of the main concepts behind Responsible Production adn APELL (2) equip participants on the proper use of the UNEP RP Toolkit, Learners and Trainers Companion and (3) identify potentail trainers in the country to replicate trainigns on RP nationwide.

The APELL process is a methodological tool focusing on the identification of possible manmade and natural hazards, on awareness raising, and on the establishing and strengthening of local capacities for immediate, multi-party responses in the event that an emergency occurs. Since its development in the mid-1980s, APELL has been implemented in more than 30 countries and 80 communities worldwide.

Managing Director Sreeni Narayanan and Group Associate Mahnaz Zanganeh attended on behalf of ASSIST. In inviting ASSIST, UNEP recognizes the organization’s efforts at greening the industries.

Among these is the Systematic Engagement to Culture Responsible Enterprises in Gujarat (SECURE Gujarat), a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) Project funded by German Development Bank DEG, which aims to explore how Responsible Production (RP) Framework can be mainstreamed in India’s rapidly growing economy.

Further, under the PRE-SMEs (Promoting Resource Efficiency for Small and Medium Enterprises in Developing Countries) project, ASSIST also developed a self-implementation resource efficiency toolkit for the UN Environmental Program (UNEP). Later, it also released a Responsible Production Learners and Trainers Companion, an interactive software-based training and communication package that can be used by presenters, trainers and trainees to raise awareness to the benefits of the approach and to guide RP users through some of the most important tools in the RP Toolkit.#




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