ASSIST Managing Director Speaks at Microsoft’s NGO Connection Day

26 02 2011

ASSIST Managing Director Sreenivas Naranayan discusses the merits of eLearning.

Demonstrating how technology can be an effective tool for promoting development, ASSIST Managing Director Sreenivas Narayanan spoke on the merits of eLearning at the NGO Connection Day held last February 24, 2011 at the Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati City.

Organized by Microsoft to forge partnership with the non-profit world and discuss the experiences of NGO software grantees, the event was participated in by 95 representatives from 61 organizations. Presentations discussed how NGOs can benefit from cloud computing for NGOs, Microsoft programs such as Office 2010 and SharePoint, Social Media Strategy, and CRM.

For his part, Narayanan discussed how eLearning can help create the ideal learning experience, where information can be accessed anytime and anywhere, the method is relevant to end user, the pace is adjusted according to the needs of the student, and opportunities are made available for collaborating with peers.

He also debunked the myths that surround eLearning, and explained that the approach is cheaper than classroom training, promotes human interaction and may be implemented easily using templates and with the help of low-cost outsourcing development and hosting service providers. Likewise, he explained that blended learning is fast becoming the standard in the education sector.

In the end, Narayanan showed that eLearning is an ideal technological intervention for education. Through its multiplier effect as well as its ability to scale up the outputs of development effort, it can play a vital role in efforts to achieve sustainability.




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